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About Us

Our History

It is usually somewhere around evening when you feel those hunger pangs in the middle of the day! That is the time between your lunch and your dinner, the time interval around 4-6 pm. Although nutritionists and health experts emphasize the need to have a healthier snack at the time, it is not always possible to have it handy. Especially if you are a working professional in 10-12 hours of working culture.

Kushal Aradhya R, an Engineer - having a knack for food processing and healthy lifestyle decided upon himself to provide this fast-paced world with the perfect solution to these hunger pangs.

One of the core reasons of people indulging in unhealthy foods is the lack of time to prepare the nutrition rich diet and the second one, is the tedious task of carrying it all around. Other than that, the most common excuse to binging on junk food is the “taste” factor.

Henceforth, the solution to this would be to invent something that is tasty, nutrient rich and is compact enough to carry anywhere. Something that is reliable enough to be nutritive and has great taste. And bingo! The precise answer to this a ‘bar’!

4pm bar can outreach everyone such as professionals having deadlines and henceforth do not have time for food, health freaks having missed out their intake of nutrients, post-sports indulgence, rescuer to tricky situations like during travelling, during treks/hikes, long meeting hours, vehicle failure on highways and much more.

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Vegetable Garden

Stay Close to Nature as much as possible and this is reflected in our innovative product Range.

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We’ve got the best tasting products waiting for you. Get in touch with us today to make your order!

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